Facing The Giants Giants

I had the pleasure of watching this show called “Facing the Giants” – Full Movie”    http://youtu.be/G2rbBt-TJjA  thanks to the suggestion of one of my new friends I recently met.

This is a fantastic show of what God can do in a person’s life if only they give Him their time and trust that He will perform or do what’s best in their lives. Pretty dang awesome show.

Facing the Giants/ Completely

I know that God does miraculous things.

I’ve seen how God has lifted me out of the miry clay. He was there with me when I went through abuse from my dad when I was younger. I was one of my dad’s favorites. Which I really didn’t like. I didn’t like being that kind of favorite. I know God grieved at the moment during this time, as we as parents would do for our children or anyone we love that might have gone through or is going through abuse.

When this next song played in the movie I cried. There is a boy who turned his life over to the Lord because of his coach, which ministered to all his players. This boy appologized to his dad. So touching. Such a tear jerker. Tears again as usual for me.

Never Give Up On Me, Josh Bates *lyrics!*

When I was older my mother told me, “if you ever need a friend who would never leave you or forsake you, that’s God.” Hebrew 13:5

I turned to God. At night I would curl up in a fetal position on my Father’s (God’s) lap (in my minds eye, which is in the spirit) and cried my self to sleep every night. And He would wrap His wings of protection around me (eagles wings). From that time on, my abuser was never, ever, able to touch me again. Believe me, he tried, but to no avail. Thank the good Lord 🙂

Music Video: Casting CrownsStained Glass Masquerade

He protected me and made me mighty before my enemy. He turned my sorrows into joy. My morning into laughter. He made me fly with eagles wings.

My God is an awesome God!

If someone told me 20-30 years ago I would be doing what I am today I would have told them your not talking about me.

I need to prepare my field, my self for to receive what God has for me.

Too often we as christians try to do it on our own steam. That incident where the coach on the show made the boy crawl across the field with the 160 lb. boy on his back blind folded, I was in tears. He pushed them. Pushed them to do all they could for God’s glory and to give Him their best. Yes! We need to give God our best always. Always always. We can do all things through Christ who strenthens us.

Isaiah 41:10    New International Version (NIV)

10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns

That incident in the movie where the wife is afraid of the dead mouse and the husband scares her. How he did it was so funny 🙂

This coach did a lot to pull the team together. All with God’s help. Before he turned the reins over to God he was in the position of losing his job because in 6 years he couldn’t get his team to win and then on top of it he found out he couldn’t father a child. Now how destitute is that.

Well finally he pulled it off with God’s help because he turned to the Lord and got the team also to turn to the Lord.

What happened after that is some what amazing. First off before all this his car kept stopping and they had problems with the house.

Then some one miraculously bought him a truck because of how he was turning the team around. When they gave him the truck I was in tears. Tears of joy.

With You All Things Are Possible – Mark Willard

Then when the wife got the news of cancer I cried. She praised God in the midst of it all. Which is what we should do no matter what, always. For we know the plans He has for us is nothing but good. No matter what the situation.

Then the nurses discovered they made a mistake and the one nurse runs out with the file and catches the coaches wife to give her the news. The news that she was pregnant. Oh here I go again, more tears! Tears of joy 🙂

Our God is an awesome God no matter what the situation.

We must remember that in the bible God had said yes 365 times. Do not fear. You are my champions. Our God is bigger than any giants and so are we. No matter what the giants are. Whether it’s people, diseases or losing and winning. We are God’s champions! David beat Goliath and he was small.

As long as we honor God we’re victorious. Nothing will ever get in our way.

We have faith in Jesus. Pray until something happens!

Woo hooo! Seconds left in the game!!!  They have 2 seconds left in the game to score a touch down. The boy who has been chosen to kick the ball to a win is new and has never kicked that far before. The coach talks to him and asks him. Do you believe that any thing is possible for God. The boy says he does. So the coach encourages the boy to give it his all. The boys wheel chair bound father forces himself up onto his feet, onto the fence at the side lines, to encourage his son and lifts his hands in the air. You can do it son he says. Do it for God! The boy asks God to help him. The crowd cheers. The boy kicks the ball as hard as he can, falling to the ground after he kicks it. The crowd goes wild. He hits it over and wins for the Eagles (his team). The father thanks God. The players all rush to the boy in joy as they cheer him for the fantastic job he did in bringing the team to victory. A miracle happened! The Eagles beat the Giants! They got the state title. For the first time in history. You are state champions the coach tells the player on the ground. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are 2nd best or inferior. God can and will do a miracle through you! You tell me. What’s impossible with God? Nothing! God can do what ever He chooses to do in our lives because He is good. Todays a milestone for what He can do for the rest of your life. If you trust Him. Let us spend some time thanking Him. God did it! He took away our fears, and concerns because He can. Tell me what’s impossible when God’s on your side.

The coaches wife just told hm he just made it to the daddy’s team. And he was told he could not father a child. Nothing is impossible with God. The coach is over whelmed! With God all things are possible. Mathew 19:26

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